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Boardwalk Live is (finally) on the Air!

michaelpettisearlgrubmanThat's right, it's Mond... Wait, it's not Monday? It's Wednesday?! What do you mean it's Wednesday? Oh hell, the roster is going to be pissed... Well, it's Wednesday night, and what better way to not do what you normally do on a Wednesday that to read results from a show that are two days late! (Yes, we know... We on staff have some work to do). Anyways, this show is highlighted by a huge six man tag team match between The Future and Fox & Friends, plus our Internet Champion takes on Sean Fuller! All of this action, plus who will take the spot of Boardwalk Director vacated by Michael Pettis, if anyone? Click HERE to find out!


Also, the Boardwalk Live card was posted yesterday for those who haven't seen. You get one extra day to roleplay. Check it out HERE!

Dead Man's Hand is Live on iPPV!

michaelpettisjonstewartThat's right, Boardwalk Wrestling returns to PPV, as we come to you live from the Atlantic City Convention Center for Dead Man's Hand! Tonight, we see "The Marvel" Matt Meyhu take on Uncle Rocky for the Atlantic City Title! Plus, eight men compete in a gauntlet match to determine who will get the next shot at the Atlantic City Title in five weeks at our next pay per view. The Anarchy Title was on the line as well, as Nirvana takes on all comers Do we have a new champion? Plus, Ataxia faces his mystery opponent, and a battle of Legends who are friends and sometimes enemies as Amp takes on the returning Christian Cage! All of this and so much more... Is love in the air again? Who are the homeless people outside of Bally's? And not only that... Where is Michael Pettis's stuff? Tune in to the iPPV  HERE and find out!


Plus, the next Boardwalk Xtra card has been announced, and roleplaying begins now! Be sure to click HERE to check out the card for next week!


sgtdanielsonharoldgoldgraftYou worthless pile of trash! Have you been sitting up all night like a reprobate, awaiting to watch Xtra and Dead Man's Hand all night? Well, enjoy the fruits of your lack of labor and your inability to go to sleep at a decent hour if you're reading this now - because Xtra is fully-functional, unlike yourself, scumbag!


Click here to read the results of Xtra, before I get sick of looking at your maggot-infested face!

Also, for morale purposes, good job at whatever you did, god damnit god damnit! Sgt. Danielson, signing off!

Post-Dead Man's Hand Boardwalk Live Card Annouced!


michaelpettisHey there, you beautiful fans of Boardwalk Wrestling! I hope you're as excited as I am for Xtra and Dead Man's Hand. But before we find out who can run a gauntlet, and who's going to be holding what gold on their waist, the man grafted from gold is proud to let you know that we know what you'll be watching next week! Take a look at the Live card for after Dead Man's Hand right over here.


Take note of the fact that there's an extra twelve hours for promotions to come in as well! Who said that your Uncle Harry never did anything for you?