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jonstewartearlgrubmanWelcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of Boardwalk Live - with a card worthy of your eyes, and your money! Watch, as both the Anarchy and Internet Championship are on the line tonight at Bally's just two weeks out from Ring Royalty! This is a show you have to watch!

Click here to watch the show - and check out the next Live card... it's stacked!


Also... please be advised that there will NOT be an Xtra card next week, to give all appropriate time to... train for the Pay Per View!

New Signing: Bruce Matthews

brucematthewsThe Boardwalk of Directors announced over the weekend that they have come to terms on a contract with "The Interrogator" Bruce Matthews!


Bruce Matthews was once part of the U.S. Army but was discharged after serving 5 years as an interrogator. He went too far with interrogating his prisoners and many of the soldiers feared him. After the army, Bruce started training for professsional wrestling and he started using the same submissions he used in the army. The only purpose in his life is to bring pain to his opponents in order to satisfy his need.


Look for Bruce Matthews to debut next week on Boardwalk Live!

Two New Signings: Noelle Shelley and MISAKI

noelleshelleyMisakiThe Boardwalk of Directors have come to terms on contracts with two new superstars, "The Angelic Devil" Noelle Shelley and the Japanese sensation, MISAKI!


Noelle was born on June 24th, 1993 along with her twin sister Aria. Born into the Shelley family, growing up was well... weird. The girls stuck together and tried to drown out the lives of their families, but always kept a close eye on their Uncle Gabe. The older the girls got, the closer they grew to their Uncle, much to the dismay of their father. When the girls were fourteen years old they were sent to Easton Academy, a prep school in Easton, Connecticut by their father. In their sophomore year, the girls learned their father kidnapped their Uncle. After flying home to find out why, and getting nowhere, the girls vowed to get close to their uncle once again. Tensions between the girls and their father grew the more he would refuse to let them go see Gabe on holidays, vacations etc. At 17, in a desperate attempt to get close to their uncle, the girls contacted Alexia Fender, their uncle's then-girlfriend, through her fan club. Alexia met with the girls and after many months of begging, she agreed to train them in the ring. The girls joined Alexia and Gabe Shelley in TGW where they twice held the TGW Tag Team Championships. Deciding to focus on her schooling, Aria left wrestling, and when Alexia left to pursue her music, Noelle was left alone. After a falling out with her Uncle, Noelle then dropped out of wrestling as well. After a year, shes now ready to get back into the ring in a company her Uncle has no hold over her in and where she can make her own name and once again hold wrestling gold.


MISAKI is a veteran of the wrestling scenes of Japan and Mexico, spending the majority of his career touring between the two countries. Noted for his bizarre in-ring antics as well as his speed and agility, MISAKI is a unique competitor. Known for his blending of lucha libre, puroresu and theatrics, MISAKI has mesmerized fans for years. He has recently signed with long-time professional wrestling manager Francis Emory, who brought him to Boardwalk Wrestling. Emory has a storied history in the professional wrestling scene of the American South, having spent the better part of 20 years there. During his career, Emory has developed a reputation for being politically savvy in the locker room and prone to interference in the ring. Utilizing his considerable experience, Emory is often able to interject himself, both backstage and in the ring, in ways that help to secure the win for his clients. The combination of these two men should prove interesting for Boardwalk Wrestling.


Look for both of these competitors to debut next week on Boardwalk Live... As they face each other!

Xtra 37 is Here, Just for You! And You! And YOU!

sgtdanielsonmichaelpettisWell then, you Boardwalk Wrestling-watchin' scum! You want to see a Casino Title Match? You got it! You want to see tag team qualifiers? You still got it! You want to see an Anarchy Rules Match? You got it! You want to see Sean Fuller and Tony Savage go at it in our Main Event? You got it! Xtra is on the air, just for you! So if you can't enjoy this show, then I have failed you as a Morale Officer - WHICH I HAVE NOT DONE AT ALL!


Oh, and Michael Pettis might have a Pettis Surprise. You know how he likes those...


Watch the show here! Card for next week is up as well!