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The Double Down Cases Revealed on a Special Edition of Boardwalk Live!

stevephilipsphilstevensWith Thanksgiving being this Thursday, the roster of Boardwalk Wrestling is off this week. So instead of live matches from Bally's, instead we bring you some matches from our newly released "Best of Boardwalk Wrestling: Volume 1!" Your hosts for the evening are Phil and Steve, as they reminisce about these matches and more over some adult beverages. Plus, Owner and CEO Michael Pettis is with the winners of briefcases in the Double Down Match at Life's a Gamble. Find out what each winner has inside their case, as each one is opened throughout the night... Or are they? We hope that you enjoy the show, which you can see by clicking HERE!

Life's A Gamble Hits The Airwaves

http://www.boardwalkwrestling.com/media/kunena/avatars/resized/size200/users/avatar711.pngabelwatkinsLadies and Gentlemen, the time you have all been waiting for has finally arrived, who won the Jail House Match? Did Matt Meyhu retain the Atlantic City title? Who got what case in the huge Double Down Match? Did anyone show up? Did anyone return? Did Phil and Steve manage to go the whole show without having a go at one another? Well why wait any longer just have a look at Boardwalk Wrestling Live Supershow, Life's A Gamble.

And once you are done with the show you can check out the next Edition of Xtra the card has been released.

Boardwalk Xtra Pre-Show Episode 045

garymacmichaelpettisAnother week in Boardwalk Wrestling and with the Live Supershow getting everyone in chat slamming their fists, we thought we would be nice and give you the pre-show of the Supershow. Boardwalk Xtra is up once again early, with all staff pulling together you can be sure this is just a very small example of what you can expect later tonight. So just click Boardwalk Xtra Episode 45 Supershow, Pre-Show to wet your beak.

The Live Supershow will be up tonight.

December 2nd Live Card Has Been Announced!

michaelpettisThis afternoon, the Boardwalk of Directors posted the finalized card on the Boardwalk Wrestling website, and sent out the booking sheet to all of it's talent that is potentially on the show. Due to the holiday week next week, we will be airing snippets from "The Best of Boardwalk Wrestling Volume 1" (available now on Blu Ray and DVD!) while we also reveal just who won what from the Double Down match. But the week after on December 2nd, we are back with you live from Bally's Hotel & Casino! Thiscard is highlighted by our "King" Bradley Carrington taking on Mike Zybala in our main event, which if Carrington wins the title at Life's a Gamble... This will be his first defense! We also will see members of Sedition take on a combined team from Supply & Demand and the Sisterhood of the Mask in a Stable War! Plus, many other stars will be in action, including an Anarchy Title match that can take place anywhere... Anytime! Be sure to tune into this edition of Boardwalk Live, as the crowds are getting bigger, the shows are getting higher ratings, and the action is getting more intense! Boardwalk Wrestling... It's the place to be!