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New Signing: Siobhan Townsend

siobhantownsendThe recent hiring frenzy continues as early Monday morning, the Boardwalk of Directors came to terms on a contract with "The Requiem" Siobhan Townsend!


Allison Detorre and Michael Norcia both are known for being a hardass to the extreme... and even they found themselves somewhat stymied at how desperately devoted Siobhan is to her work. Never the sort to be social-- she's rather distant and aloof out of the ring, keeping to herself with very few exceptions-- Siobhan is a difficult person to read for most. There are rumors to the source of her militant discipline and ability to keep her focus in the most extreme of environments. Prying into that particular subject, though, is far from wise. Very, very far from wise. About the only person that knows anything about that is her husband, Dominic.


Look for Siobhan Townsend to debut next week on Boardwalk Live!

New Signing: "The Ripper" Danny B!

dannybThe Boardwalk of Directors have announced that they have come to terms on a contract with "The Ripper" Danny B!


Danny B is ring veteran best knownfor his time in OCW. He has also spent time in TICW, CWF, GWR and lastly, Championship Wrestling Revolution. He is a fifteen time World Heavyweight Champion and OCW Hall of Famer, and after a couple of unsuccessful retirements, he once again finds himself lacing up the boots to wage wars in the squared circle once again. Now, "The Ripper" has landed in Atlantic City, and looks to make a name for himself in one place he has yet to conquer... Boardwalk Wrestling.


Look for Danny B to debut next week on Boardwalk Live!

New Signing: Nick Lawrence

nicklawrenceEarly this afternoon, the Boardwalk of Directors came to terms on a contract with Nick “The Big Right” Lawrence!


Very little is known about Nick Lawrence. In England he had an impressive, but short-termed, amateur boxing carreer, that finished with a record of 14-1. Nick won all of the 14 matches by KO and his last match was his only loss. Nick disqualified himself after biting his opponnent's nose and then was kicked out of his club. He then fought a couple of years around England in some illegal, old-fashioned, Street Fights until the day that his agent Paul Simon laid eyes on him. It's thanks to Simon that Nick was introduced to the world of Pro Wrestling and went for his own version of the American Dream.


Look for Nick Lawrence to debut next week on Boardwalk Live!