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Xtra Program Has Been Preppared.

malikpowerHey there, Boardwalk. Did you expect me to be the one to announce the card? Obviously not.

Councilor Goldgraft advised me that the directors wanted Boardwalk Wrestling's qualifier matches needed to be violent. And it needed to be full of risk. And, who better to ensure that then me? That's why this card has three titles on the line. And nine wrestlers, all striving for four different qualifiying spots. There's six matches.

For some... it will be Double or Nothing on Xtra. Give the program a read.

Sincerely, Malik

Xtra is on the Air, Pumpkinheads!

haroldgoldgraftsgtdanielsonHey, you schmucks and bastards! Xtra is on the air! Come see the best costume party ever! Who was the alien killed by Arnold Schwarzenegger? Who is the stupidest power plant worker ever? Who wrestled in matches and won? Who lost matches? Who was the twenty-sixth president of the United States? Who is the Anarchy Champion? How many questions can one ask, when the link is up there, and you're still reading this? Who are you?! The guy not reading Xtra - so get to it!


Card for Xtra next week to follow soon!

New Signing: Skye Temple

skyetempleYesterday, the Boardwalk of Directors came to terms on a contract with "Lil Red" Skye Temple!


Skye Temple was once an writer and avid fan of wrestling, dreaming of becoming a wrestler one day and showing the world that you didn’t have to
be a model to get into wrestling as a woman. However, Skye ended up taking up a career as a journalist on a sports website at the age of 18, her
specialty being wrestling reviews.

Some time after her twentieth birthday Skye was present during a high speed car crash that left her father deceased and left herself needing amputation of her left arm. For a long time after the crash it was hard for her to cope with her loss, even going into depression. After a year of therapy Skye had regrown her happy-go-lucky personality and decided that from now on she would follow her dreams.

For the last year she has been traveling America training with some of the best wrestlers around and gaining much experience from her venturing
through the United States. Now the one armed punk has set her eyes on RISE and nothing will stop her from achieving her dreams.


Look for Skye Temple to debut next week on Boardwalk Xtra!

Two New Signings: Myris and Andrew Barnes

myrisandrewbarnesThe Boardwalk of Directors have announced two signings today, Myris and Andrew Barnes!


Both of these men have had very successful careers competing around the world for many years. While most wrestling fans know who they are already, some of the members of the Boardwalk roster do not however. How will both competitors adjust to the independent Boardwalk Wrestling, and life inside of Atlantic City, New Jersey Some have prospered and tasted glory inside of Bally's in front of our fans. Others have faltered, packing their belongings and heading back to their "comforts" of the road. Time will tell which side of the spectrum these two will end up on...


Look for Myris and Andrew Barnes to debut next week on Boardwalk Xtra!