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jonstewartearlgrubmanThat's right, ladies and gentlemen, Boardwalk Wrestling is on the air! Due to a power outage in Atlantic City last night. Out technical crews have been working all night to piece together the electrical.   We care about our fans too much to wait any longer,  so we are releasing the show for ON DEMAND subscribers now.  Come and check out all the action.  How will Juliette Brooks fare in her return match ?  Will another person be named to the Gauntlet match ?  Will the Future find the answer of the right team to face off against Awe.Some.   Click here to see the action unfold. 

Also head on over to Boardwalk and check out next weeks card .. Click Here

Roleplaying has already started!





Check Out Episode 5 of Boardwalk Radio!

michaelpettisjulietbrooksWhile you wait for the latest edition of Boardwalk Live, CLICK HERE for Boardwalk Radio, as Director Michael Pettis returns to host another exciting edition! We will recap all of the week's action from Live and Xtra, as well as take a look at our upcoming cards as we start to move towards our next iPPV, Dead Man's Hand. Our special guest this evening is the original handler of Julliet Brooks. She will be on for a great one on one chat with Mr. Pettis, as she sets the record straight about her character being misused by a certain handler who claims to be as sweet as "Kandi." That alone says that you can NOT miss this episode, no matter what E-Fed you are in! Plus, we will play our favorite game, "Feud, Face or Forget" and more!

If you would like to be a part of a future episode of Boardwalk Radio, contact Michael Pettis or Jon Stewart!

Various Boardwalk Wrestling Talent Contracts Expire

danlloydAs of Friday morning on August 22nd, some Boardwalk stars have not renewed their monthly contracts, and have decided to pursue other ventures outside of the promotion. The list of talent includes Myke Adams and his two managers, Ken Davison, KCIII and Ruby, Jim Simmons, Mac Bane and Joshua Jones. Boardwalk Wrestling wishes these performers the best in their ventures into other promotions, as will hold an open door policy shall they ever decide to return.

New Signing: Pistola

pistolaThe Boardwalk of Directors have come to terms on a contract with "The Muscle Bomber" Pistola!


Pistola was hired by Nirvana to act as both his tag team partner and bodyguard. Little is known about her other than the fact she spent more than a few years in prison. Her body is covered in prison tattoos to prove this point. She makes up for her inexperience with raw power. Her height often got her made fun of when she was younger but these days she realizes it's power of her strength, as she is seven feet tall.


Look for Pistola to debut in Boardwalk Wrestling very soon!