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New Signing: Kristy Jackson

kristyjacksonThe Boardwalk of Directors have come to terms on a contract with Kristy Jackson!


The woman who is said to be damn-near indestructible. All the years she spent in the indy-wrestling scene making no money, doing jobs that nobody wants to do in order to master her craft, sacrificing her her body, and taking bumps like no else. Makes her more disciplined then the other female wrestlers. Having that indy mentality, where she thinks the only way to success in pro wrestling is only to out wrestle everyone that's put in front of her. However being the niece of a well-known promoter that happens to be mainstream. Makes her a target at other companies. Also because she doesn't like to talk about her past which remains to be a mystery.


Look for Kristy Jackson to debut next week on Boardwalk Xtra!

New Signing:Travis 16

travis16The Boardwalk of Directors have come to terms on a contract with Travis 16!


Travis Igor Tokelgard, better known by his ring name Travis 16, is a Swedish-born professional wrestler, former global cyber-terrorist, current Slagsmalgang cult leader, and a massive stinking dick. Known throughout wrestling circles by his blatant disregard for the health and safety of himself and others, Travis utilizes both physical and psychological warfare in the ring, employing smash-mouth brawling, psych-out tactics, and the brutal T3:16 finishing move.  He also dumps a
whole bucket of pig's blood on himself before each match, because fuck you AND the cleanup crew.  He's been clinically dead twice, but keeps coming back because Hell doesn't want him stinking up the place.  For more information, you can read his entire foul history at http://ewrestling.wikia.com/wiki/Travis_16


Look for Travis 16 to debut next Wednesday on Boardwalk Xtra!

New Signing: Nathaniel Lockhart

nathaniellockhartkieloLast night after Live went off the air, the Boardwalk of Directors came to terms on a contract with Nathaniel Lockhart and his manager Kielo!


Nathaniel Lockhart is a 4th generation wrestler, being the son of Jack Lockhart aka JackHammer. He was trained how to wrestle by his father and his father's cousin Goliath. Nathaniel through research found out his grandfather was a pro wrestler for a short time that even his own father didn't know. He is a black belt in Judo and in Wing Chun. Nathaniel is also studying Muay Thai, learning from his step mother Angel. Nathaniel met his current girl friend Kielo while attending a concert over in Finland. Kielo now travels the world as his manager.


Look for Nathaniel Lockhart to make his debut next week on Boardwalk Xtra!

Live Episode 028 is ON THE AIR!

johnnystjamesmichaelpettisHello there, Boardwalk Wrestling Fans! In this action-packed episode of Live, we will see "The Troll" in action against The Commodity and The Alpha Dog against "The Atlanta Falcon" just to start things off!

After that, prepare yourself for a special match... Ken Davison versus Baz in Baz's Junkyard!

Prior to the main event, is a match that will make waves in Boardwalk Wrestling... will it by Myke Adams or Joshua Jones taking the number twenty-five spot in the Boardwalk Rumble?

Finally, will it be "The Marvel" or "The One Man Wrecking Crew" who walks away as the Internet champion tonight?

Sick of questions? Go get some answers here!

And to answer the question you haven't asked yet, here's next week's card!